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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Open the floodgates!

Well the tidal wave of new Windows Mobile 2005 devices is building. Here is the current state of device releases:

  • Cingular 2125 (Smartphone on Cingular - available now)
  • Cingular 8125 (PPC Phone on Cingular - scheduled Q1 2006 Release)[model # may be incorrect]
  • T-Mobile SDA II (Smartphone on T-Mobile - scheduled Q1 2006 Release)
  • T-Mobile MDA (PPC Phone on T-Mobile - scheduled Q1 2006 Release)
  • HP rw4500 (Smartphone similar to 2125/SDAII/SP5, see the::unwired - no further information)
  • Motorola Q (PPC Phone, previewed at Mobile Burn)
  • Sprint PPC 6700 (PPC Phone on Sprint - available now)
  • Palm Treo 700w (PPC Phone on Verizon - scheduled Q1 2006 Release)
  • iMate SP5/SP5m (Smartphone direct from iMate - Available now)
  • iMate K-JAM (PPC Phone direct from iMate - Available now)
  • iMate JASJAR (PPC Phone direct from iMate - Avaiable now)

Fantastic stuff! Many of these devices on are available direct on the internet from places like MadMonkeyBoy, Expansys, MobilePlanet and more. Watch the carriers for there releases over the next 2-3 months. Great time for Windows Mobile, especially if you are considering a change from RIM's Blackberry!



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