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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Version of Papyrus for MS Smartphone!

If you are a MS Smartphone user, head on over to SBSH Software and check out the latest release of their Papyrus product! This software is a full-function PIM replacement for the MS Smartphone platform. New features of Papyrus 1.2:
  • Windows Mobile 5 Support
  • QVGA (240x320) resolutions
  • Unlimited MyTexts fields support
  • New Tasks View redesign, and optional preview pane
  • Enahnced Scrolling on item view dialogs

I've been using SBSH products on my Pocket PC for the last 18 mos. now, and I have been extremely satisfied. SBSH has great support, and a fantastic relationship with its customers. Also check out their excellent forums where you can interact with other users of their software.

Highly recommended!



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