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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fixed some things

OK, I've fixed a few things here on my blog that were bothering me - just needed to take the time and find where to change the code in the template. I've updated the Permalink so it says "Permalink" instead of the time - thats bothered me for quite awhile. Next I changed the title so it always links to the permalink as well - call me something-retentive. Also, I added a small bit to place the any title link I add to the bottom of the post called "link". Finally, I added a link & logo for w.blogger, which I find to be a very nice tool for posting - even at work.

When I get a few minutes, I'm going to see if there is an easy way to add Technorati tags to the bottom of each post as well - or at least to the tech-releated posts.

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